An exercise to relax your legs and strengthen your back.

This exercise strengthens your back, the back of your legs and your bottom.

Prepare a mattress or several blankets on the floor. Lie down on the mattress on your back and bend your legs. Your feet are parallel to your hips, and your arms rest close to your body.

Breath easily. Now slowly lift your lower back and place it back again on the mattress.  If you are an advanced practitioner, you might want to hold your lower back up for longer, before placing it again on the mattress. Another variation here is to stretch out your legs, first the right leg, and then the left leg.

The good thing about indoor sports is, that you can practice while sitting and easily do so with any chair available. For the next very easy exercise, also bending your back and training those very muscles, just sit up straight, then first lift your left leg, keep it stretched for some seconds and now try to reach the stretched out toes with your right hand.

It is important to keep the leg straight – should you not be able to reach your toes, do not worry, just reach as far as you can.

Repeat this exercise with your right leg and left arm – each side 6 times. If you practice regularly, you will be able to reach your toes a lot more easily. 

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