Short introduction to the module

“There are people who love dancing and others who are too shy to admit they do.” Whether you agree with this statement or not the benefits of dancing at any age are undeniable. As one of the most ancient forms of self-expression, of culture,  and a way of belonging to the community, dancing is one of the most pleasurable forms of physical exercises. You might have been  too timid so far to try it out, but don’t hesitate, there are a lot of types of dances,  lots of venues, in various communities, with different intensity. This present module gives you an insight into some forms of dances with guidelines and videos so that you can get orientated into the “world of dances”.

Play a game on dances for a start to see the variety and origin of dances, read the information on our selected dances and watch the videos we have prepared. Or if you are not new to dances and would like to share your experiences, use our comment section to add information and content on dances.

            Ballroom dances
            Circle Dances
            The secret language of dancing
            How to do circle dancing
            Winds on the Tor