This introduction to indoor exercises will  give you the  necessary background for  exercising per se  and the  motivation for how easy it could be - with little effort - to include it  into your daily  life: at home, your workplace or where ever you find the time for it.

One third of all adults are relatively physically  inactive and nearly half of all adults are not involved in any sports at all. Hence, the ability to move declines : those that do not move become tired quickly, feel stiff and weak, often leading to a feeling of exhaustion at the slightest movement.

If you have not done any exercise  for a long time, you should have  a health check with your doctor beforehand; especially if you have been severely ill. However, it has to be said,  that there are  very few conditions  that will not allow you to move.

Luckily there is a variety of possibilities to become and/or stay fit. By being interested and reading the documents at hand you have taken  the first step. Start with any one or two of the exercises which are mentioned below and then increase the amount every week (check also the module Outdoor Exercises) and you'll see, that taking the stairs to the 5th floor will not be a problem anymore. Join us to see various exercises and sports that you can pursue indoors! 

      Short introduction
      Table of exercises
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