Target Exercise Intensity - Target Heart Rate Zones
Aerobic fitness refers to the ability of the cardiovascular system – the heart and lungs – to take in oxygen and move it along to the muscles. The harder the muscles are working in exercise, the more oxygen they need. Becoming more aerobically fit equals becoming more efficient at increasing the amount of oxygen to the muscles. Fast walking, swimming, running, jumping rope, aerobic dance and biking are aerobic exercises. These kinds of exercises also help calorie burn and weight loss.

To assess your aerobic fitness we need to make clear some expressions first, like heart rate, resting heart rate, working heart rate and maximum heart rate. You can find the details under How?/Stamina session (you can use this link also to go there). Please check in which zone you would like to exercise (Training/Recovery, Fat burning/Fitness, Aerobic/Cardio/Endurance – or maybe in Anaerobic/Hardcore zone, but please consult with your doctor before exercising in the last zone), and use the following calculator’s results according to your aim.

How to calculate your target heart rate zone?

Calculating your target heart rate zones with the Karvonen formula

This new formula was made by Karvonen to calculate target exercise intensity and is becoming more and more popular, as it uses not the maximum heart rate, but the heart rate reserve which is the difference of maximum and resting heart rate. This formula is highly recommended nowadays to get the ideal exercise intensity ranges based on the heart rate, as it takes into consideration the individual fitness.
Your age:
Your resting heart rate:
Your heart rate reserve:
Your own Healthy Zone:
Your own Fat Burning/Recovery Zone:
Your own Aerobic Zone:
Your own Anaerobic Zone:
• Exercise in the 50-60% HRmaxrange, if you are a beginner or want to do a recovery.
• Work in the range of 60-70% of HRmax, if youwish to raise your fitness level or burn fat.
• Use the range of 70-80% of HRmaxif you would like to improve your aerobic capacity,
• and only train in the anaerobic 80-90% of HRmaxzone, if you are really well-trained and your doctor recommended to you to do that.
Take care, train in the Anaerobic Zone only if you are really well-trained! If you have any doubt, it is better to avoid it!