Step Counting
Our last recommendation is about a step counter, which is called a pedometer. Basically it is a small electronic device, about the size of a pager or smaller. It counts the steps you take, as it has an accelerometer inside, which senses if your position has changed. From the number of steps, walking distance and calories can also be calculated, if there is a possibility to put in your step size and weight as well. Sometimes this device also contains a heart rate monitor as well, or an accelerometer and pressure altimeter, so it can determine heart rate, elevation. Also, when you're climbing stairs or going uphill, besides the number of steps taken, and based on the above mentioned values, the device can calculate energy expenditure. The price of the majority of pedometers varies from 3 to 65 EUR.

It is a very good device for measuring your incidental activity, which is the movement you do just naturally through your day.

You can clip it on to your belt or to the top of your trousers/skirt and let it counts the steps you take. Some pedometers can tell you how much distance you travelled calculated depending on your step size, which can be entered into the pedometer for a more accurate measure.

You can set daily or weekly goals with it, e.g. starting with 500 or 1000 steps, aiming up to the so recommended magical 10000 steps. For further instructions visit the session about Walking under What?/Outdoor exercises item.

What is great about a pedometer is that it can motivate you to move more and more. All you will need is a comfortable pair of shoes for walking.

If you do not have a pedometer or you have the possibility to buy only a simpler one, you can use our calculator to find out the distance you took only giving the numbers of your steps and your steps’ size below.

Distance Calculator
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