An easy exercise to practice your ability to keep and maintain balance. It is an example from the  Indoor exercises module, but you can also find more details and exercises in our module: Balance


From the age of 60, the risk of falling down increases. This is due to sight and hearing problems, weakness in legs and slower reaction that often come with age. This would not be so dangerous, if the bone was not also becoming  more porous, breaking more easily and healing slower. Having fallen down once, the fear of falling again often leads to less mobility and even fear of being too active. This again has a large impact on everyday well-being. Through exercising regularly,  strength and balance are being improved and hence the risk of falling minimized.


Place a piece of rope or a long scarf in the shape of an „S“ on the floor. Step through the rope and back again. Then step to the side of the rope and back again. If you are advanced, you might want to balance on the rope, turn around, and walk back again. 

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