Outdoor exercises


Would you like to know what the benefits are of exercising outdoors?

Would you like to read and watch videos on outdoor exercises, which you can start or pursue easily?

We will present information for you on these kinds of exercises, by providing useful, practical pieces of advice, along with videos and pictures.  You don’t know what KROLF is?  Watch our video and give it a try!

You think everybody knows how to walk? See if it is true! Check our walking section and see if you knew all the tricks!

These are only a few examples of the diverse content you can find in this module!

Let’s explore the colourful world of sports and exercises. And if you think there is something important, interesting or fun left out, write it down and share it with others! Comment on our texts and videos and recommend other exercises and sports for your fellow-trainees.

Let’s start now!

What can I read in this session?:

Short introduction to outdoor exercises

  • Why to do outdoor exercises and sports  ?
  • What types of outdoor exercises are there? (A table of the most popular outdoor sports with categorization of expenses, effect on skills, difficulty, and tools needed.)
  • How can we do outdoor exercises?

Detailed description of some most important sports/exercises

  • Why are particular activities  so beneficial to pursue?
  • What are they exactly? Types and definitions
  • How can we do them? Tips for starting, doing the exercises. Practical guidance. Watch our videos! Make comments, add tips, share your ideas

Videos on outdoor exercises