Social background - Relationships

Most of the physical activity can be done with otherpeople, not only ball games such as basketball, handball or football, but others, which are originally individual activities, can also be practiced in groups such as yoga, tai chi or running, walking, Nordic walking, etc.

Thus physical activities can provide company, can be social events, and can offer all the beneficiaries of associated activities, the following;

  • possibility of communication – as people are social  and  need company;
  • thus people will have the chance to  share their opinions, to talk, or to ask for help if they need it, and not only related to physical activity;
  • physical activity can provide the chance to meeting people from different cultures and make friends ;
  • PA can strengthen togetherness, has a community-forming effect and can help integration;
  • Doing PA in community can help you sustain your interest and be a regular and tough practitioner as well as helping to turn over the disbutes;
  • PA can provide the opportunity to prevent and decrease antisocial behaviour, violence, discrimination and racism;
  • affirms public safety;
  • can provide sense of achievement and creativity;
  • can lead to good conflict management;
  • PA can also make available social support to participants;
  • PA is an opportunity to have fun and joy – as the most of the physical activities are games as well and physical activity can increase the level of endorphins, the sources of happiness.