You might have heard about this before. One of the most effective exercises to train your muscles, which is easy to do as you find them everywhere, is: to take the stairs, whenever possible.

It is an exercise which can be easily  integrated into your daily routines and even be a fun challenge. Taking the stairs not only strengthens your upper legs, but also our back and tummy muscles, supporting us to lift the weight of our body up.


Take it slowly in the beginning. With time you will see how easy it gets and how your speed and ambition will increase. Walking upwards also burns many calories and hence supports your diet, in case one of your aims is to lose weight. 

This was a blend of easy to do and effective indoor exercises. Of course this was just a selection and any movement that you can think of is useful and relevant, as long as you stick to the basic rules,  making sure it is safe. These easy exercises together with a healthy diet will help you to stay fit and well!

Enjoy moving, good health and good luck!


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