Exercise is necessary to maintain a functional life, but it can have curative and preventative effects as well. Although lots of older people are afraid of being physically active because they are afraid of pain (mostly in the joints), falling, dislocations and fractures – there are many activities which can release the joints and can give a sense of security.

With the passing of years the human body starts to sag, connective tissues and muscles become slack, compact organs’ tissues become connective, the skin relaxes and overall  functionality diminishes.

Is it obligatory to have these changes after 40?
Can we preserve our fitness for a longer time?
Is it worth being physically active later on?
Does it take a big toll on us?
What are the benefits if we carry on being active or start to be active in our older years?

The TRUTH is that our body really starts to decline in our forties, but, we can make an effort to keep our fitness and health for many more years and it can be successful.