Before you start it is a good idea to consult a physical coach at a fitness center or your doctor, to have good personal guidance.  There can be a lot of personal factors you need to take into consideration before you start.
But it counts for all of us that we need to do physical training to maintain our physical health during ageing.

What is stamina?

Have you got  out of breath when running after the bus? Or have you ever felt exhausted after  your spouse dragged you to do shopping, pulling you from one shop to another, which had of no interest to you at all (clothes for women, gadgets for men)? Or after sightseeing all day long, have you just wished to sit down and not  move? These examples are all related to your stamina or in other words endurance.

By definition stamina is one of the conditional skills which shows you how much you can resist physical stress and how quickly you can recover from  it. It is closely related to physical exercise, but it has a much wider effect, influencing many factors in your life. In general, it is our perseverance that determines what we can do, what we can participate in and how long we can be involved in activities.

Stamina  is mainly related to your cardiovascular system and lung capacity, but not only. From the examples above you can see that it is also influcences our  motivation, interest and other psychological factors. For example,  you might walk a few kilometers for a special piece of clothing,  feeling excited and looking for the ideal garment  without getting tired. Whereas  if you lack motivation or you are not determined enough you start to feel tired after the second shop when you accompany your husband searching for the latest model of the desired drill. Doing exercise is similar. Be determined to start, choose the exercise that best suits you, and carry it out in  good company. These all help you to achieve your goals.

Don’t  ever give  up! Both your physical and mental stamina can be improved!

Now, before you go on reading you can test your knowledge about stamina

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