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Testing the Elderly

As physical fitness is also important for older adults, so that they have adequate strength, flexibility, and endurance to accomplish everyday tasks, we offer here some sample tests to help you assess your fitness. Assessing these aspects of fitness can detect weaknesses which can be treated before causing serious functional difficulties.
Being more active is very safe for most people, and for most should not pose any problem or hazard. However, those people who are overweight or have a history of high blood pressure and/or heart disease, should consult a doctor before starting to become much more physically active.

Before doing anything, please start with the Pre-Activity Screening.

Assessing General Physical Activity

Let’s Test – Senior Fitness Test

Chair Stand Test
Arm Curl Test
Chair Sit and Reach Test
Back Scratch Test
8-Foot Up and Go Test
Walk Test (6 minutes)
Step in Place Test (2 minutes)